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Albumin Cottage Cheese and Whey

Albumin Cottage Cheese

It’s a less known product, but very healthy and rich with proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals. Albumin Cottage Cheese is produced out of whey with the aid of natural serum.
You can use the salted Cottage Cheese in salads, with oven-baked potato or as bread spread in combination with herbs, spices and vegetables. The non-salted Cottage Cheese can be used in deserts.



This healthy drink provides you with easily digestible proteins of the highest quality. It’s a low fat drink rich in proteins, vitamin B and minerals, especially Potassium (Kalium). These ingredients will improve the resistance of your body.

Whey balances your metabolism and helps your cells to renew faster. It stimulates detox and cleansing processes by encouraging the activity of liver, kidney and gall bladder. Whey will also be beneficial for your intestines.

This healthy and refreshing drink can also be used as a substitute for milk. Try delicious whey rice, pudding, pastry or even bread.